The Deeper You Get

by Peg Simone

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Swampy slide guitar and a bluesy, velvety voice singing timeless tunes well written. Inventive, raw, and heartfelt. Another great album from a true original.
© Copyright - Peg Simone / Peg Simone


released August 3, 2019

Peg Simone: Vocals, Guitar
James Murray: Drums
All songs written by Peg Simone
Produced by Tony Maimone and Peg Simone
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY
Engineered and Mixed by Tony Maimone
Mastered by Joel Hamilton
Electric Sitar on #1: Tony Maimone
Artwork by Butch Belair


all rights reserved



Peg Simone New York, New York

Peg Simone's music can best be described as a mash of dark blues & storytelling.

Recent focus has been on performing and building music from various works of literature, specifically those of the southern-Gothic genre, as well as her own short stories.

Aural to visual - she creates stop-motion animation videos complimentary of the songs that can be viewed on her Vimeo channel.
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Track Name: The Sun Is Leaking
Hey little girl don't stick your head in the oven
There's a rainbow coming
The wind will cool things down

Hey little girl you better stop your crying
Open up your eyes
Before the quicksand brings you down

Hey little girl there's a storm a brew in'
The dogs are out
They've been sniffing' and circling' around

Hey little girl the sun is leaking
You better wear your hat
Run cover you better run

Hey little girl there's a search team coming
Hold onto the sides of the well
With all your might

Hey little girl there's a lifeline falling
Down that deep dark hole
To fish you out

Look up there the moon is rising
It's shining and beaming
You're going to work it on out

Hey little girl I think the guards are changing
The season's breaking
You're going to work it on out
Track Name: I Don't Want To Meet You
I don't want to meet you 'cause I don't want any memories of you
When you're gone
I don't want to have to pick up the pieces and throw it all back together
When it's over and done
I spent too much time thinking about the things that never amount to
Anything at all
I spent too much time in my own head fantasizing over
What never had any hope at all

I walked in the home last night and I tripped fell in the mud
And I guess that's right
I can't remember what you said 'cause I drank too much and fell in bed
And I guess that's right
Searching for something to fill the void only to find we're lonelier
Than before
Silence is the loudest sound it rings louder than any bells around
And it won't let me sleep at night

They so no man's an island that we're all connected
And I guess there's a ring a truth
And there's a reason why the desert calls and it's not true that things go there to die
They live and they thrive
Track Name: Marina's Garden
Marina's Garden - Excerpts from Marina Tsvetaeva's poem "Garden"

For an outcast throw a garden down, with no one in no one around
Tell me of torment that's enough, a garden lonely as myself
That's the garden I want when I grow old, the garden the future world
For my old age send it to me, to take my soul and set it free
Track Name: In The Park
I'll meet you in the park Tuesday at noon
I'll be there waiting with a yellow balloon
If it's raining I'll still be there
I wouldn't miss you after all this year

I'll wear the prettiest dress I own
I'll be on the carousel all alone
I'll be on the horse painted pink
When you see me go by I'll wink

It always was good when we were here
So I'll give you my heart once a year
But I'll take it back at the end of the day
Too bad we could only work it this way

I always thought we'd find a way
To work through the mud that hit our day
And I always thought we'd find a way
To walk through the woods and burn the hay

Looks like it will always will be this way
I don't think that will ever change
So let's forget who we are and where we've been
Let's just walk through this park again

We'll spend the day 'til the sun goes down
Sit on the bench and mess around
Then you can walk me to the train
Next year we'll meet up and do it again
Track Name: I'm Calling
Listen to my feet
Listen to my heart beat
Follow my breath
Follow me to my bed

It's been such a long time
But you know I like you just fine
Kiss me like that
I'll kiss you back

I don't like it when the night falls
I try to hide until the dawn calls
And I listen as the rain comes down
But silence is the loudest sound

So come and hold me dear
In my heart you're always near
Through the static on the line
Can you hearing me calling from your side x2

I'm calling x3
Track Name: It's Dark In Here
I can't keep myself from crying most of the time
And I don't think you want to get inside
It's dark in here and I don't sleep so well

When the night falls so do I
But I remember your face your smell your eyes
And I think of how I walked away
Of how I couldn't cope and now I rue the day
So if there's ever a chance to hold you again
Give me a call I'll let you in

I don't even know what I'm feeling most of the time
Living in a dream world and I don't know how to live in real time
My heart is peppered with holes and a lot leaks through

So if I seem uncaring remember it's not about you
'Cause I don't know how to love the right way
How to breathe how to play
And I'm sorry for the fights all the pain
For a few short moments
We made each other feel ok

So maybe you'll never want to see me again
Much less than wonder about me and how I am
But I'd really like to see your smile
And feel your arms around me for a little while
So if I ever hold you again
I'll try to be better this time
Track Name: Spellbound
Like a music box sweetly plays a tune
Like a spinning top spins colors red and blue
Like a jewelry box filled with diamonds like rocks
Like the mega ball I'm gonna win it all
Like a glass of wine stains my lips
Like a salsa beat shakes my hips
Like your phone call got me running around
Like your magic show got me spellbound
Like a glitter ball shines like a star
Like your arms feel when I'm ready to fall
Like a hot day in the afternoon
On such a hot day you got me loving you

You're like the best song I ever heard
You're like the best dress I ever wore
You're like a moon shines like a midnight sun
You're like I want to be your only one
Like a glass of wine stains my lips
Like a salsa beat shakes my hips
Like your phone call got me running around
Like your magic show got me spellbound
Track Name: Whisper
Feel the sun beat on the back of your head
Feel the wind blow through the window by your bed
Feel the mist of the rain upon your skin
Feel the warmth of the night take you in

And don't you run away too soon
Don't you run away too soon

Hear the bells in the distance count the hours
Hear the whisper of the voice of your lover
Hear the whisper of her hair upon your pillow
Hear the whisper of her breath follow her to sleep

And don't you run away too soon
Don't you run away too soon

Feel the wine slide over your tongue
Let it last tip the morning brings the sun
Feel the fire warm inside your belly
Feel my hands take you to heaven

And don't you run away too soon
Don't you run away too soon
Track Name: Billy
billy stood on the corner
under the rain
waiting for little girls
to walk his way
and billy
liked to think of them that way

in the form of angels
born to light his way
he'd wait and hope to hear
one of them say
hey billy
won't you come and play

he waited til it was dark out
one was walking alone
he sneaked up behind her
grabbed her by her pretty pink bow
hey billy
you can't play with her that way

he made her a bed of roses
but they only scratched her skin
he tried to make her love him
but he couldn't win
hey billy
he liked to think of her that way

he fell in love and he made her pay
he found himself walking to church
just to wash his sins away
hey billy
you can't play with her that way
Track Name: Treasure
Hey you got some funny eyes
The shape they're far too wide
They wrap way around your head
I swear you know when I've been bad
Hey you got a liquid mouth
It drips just like a Dali house
In Figueres where the moon is clean
And the streets slip just like serpentine

Hey I saw you in my dream
Take a burning hot poker to my skin
You ran it down my chest past my belly
Leaving scars of red like ruby jelly
Hey I like the way you cut my hair
I like the you move me around
Like you've got something to win
Give me something that I can believe in

Hey you came on real strong
And by the way you looked you could do no wrong
But there was something funny in the way you stood
Should've taken you down when I knew I could
Hey you bit your way right through my heart
And then you spit it out like a beat you never would miss
Come a little closer you can chew on this